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Dale Kramer, Principal
Kramer Wealth Strategies, LLC

For 37 years, I have had the privilege of journeying with clients as they embark on pivotal decisions regarding retirement, risk management, and estate planning. I believe a holistic financial planning approach serves as the most viable means of addressing personal nuances within each individual’s purview. Thus, retirement planning means more than providing my clients with investment advice.

It means helping them maintain the financial independence they’ve worked their whole lives to achieve. It means striving to ensure they have the means to pursue what’s most important to them. And it means understanding them as people with unique goals, values, and circumstances that determine the strategies I develop on their behalf.

My consultative process begins with an in-depth discussion of your current finances and future objectives. We’ll address issues you might have overlooked that can significantly impact your ability to retire as planned. Finally, we’ll determine how we can help you adjust your investment strategy as necessary to accommodate changing conditions and meet any unforeseen expenses and income demands that may arise during retirement.

I firmly believe attention to every detail contributes to the fulfillment of a successful life journey.
After all, life is not a dress rehearsal.